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. . .:bulletblack::bulletwhite:
Get up, fall down.

:icontransparentplz:Get up, fall down

Peaksand valleys. :icontransparentplz:Highs and lows

Pick your friends.

Not your nose.

:bulletwhite::bulletblack:. . .


► [ name ] Pit
► [ birthday ] December 19th
► [ age ] a few centuries old 13
►[ gender ]

► [ sexual orientation ] Pansexual
► [ status ] ♥ Crushin' - Reserved

► [ affiliation ] Palutena's Army
► [ rank ] Captain of Guard / Guardian Angel of Palutena

► [ games ] Kid Icarus (1986), Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters (1991), Smash Brothers Brawl (2008),

Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)


" Like many Nintendo protagonists, Pit is fearless and heroic. He faces many dangers or threats with little hesitation. Pit has no problem fighting against monsters many times his size and is always ready to help the humans when they are in need. The angel has a notable humorous side and enjoys cracking jokes and bantering with Lady Palutena. He can, however, become a little reckless due to his naive personality, which causes him to get into trouble. Nonetheless, Pit is a good-hearted and friendly character. "

☼ . . .:bulletblack: Pit is a young and chivalrous angel that is bent on saving just about every good soul and every floor ice cream that comes along his way. He has his mind in complete justice at no costs and always ready to fall into danger quite literally. He's ready at any moment to jump into action as it's the "angel's code of conduct" to the point that his only garments are the one's he wears now to be ready at the dime.

☼ . . .:bulletwhite: But with his young age and one way thinking of good and bad he's really naive. Pit often doesnt understand gray areas that well or chooses to ignore them. After all he's a bit illiterate being that his job is to guard against the Underworld from the many invasions previous. He doesnt really have a mindset to think right and wrong.

☼ . . .:bulletblack: But that doesnt mean he's mindless. If it calls for it he will break rules and even himself to do what's right. There's a lesson learned every century or two after all. If only he knew how to read...he still cant due to the fact that most of his missions are straightforward with use of his weapons and strength. He's very skilled at archery but since being made a captain he's broadened his skillsets to blades, clubs, orbitars, palms, staffs, etc.

☼ . . .:bulletwhite: Pit even enjoys being shepherded and get's nervous without guidance. As a a lone angel he doesnt have many friends besides Lady Palutena the goddess of Light to whom he can barely imagine too amount up to. Her words she said to him at one point still haunts him:

"I don't need you anymore, we're no longer friends."

Pit gets really quiet around the unfamiliar and keeps distance from most others.

☼ . . .:bulletblack: But Pit adapts. If he senses a justified soul he'd be just as loyal and welcoming as the overly friendly character he is. Be warned; he talks just a bit too much and has a corny sense of humor if not a little too clingy to trusted others. Have patience.

- - -

☼ . . .:bulletblack::bulletwhite::damphyr: Oh and dont joke about his wings; his prized possession. He's rather sensitive about the topic of flying and gets irked when other's ask whether he could. Since he was younger chasing after the three sacred treasures his wings never lifted him from the ground as they were too undeveloped and small. Pit's even overly protective of them with fears like they'd suddenly fall off from being bumped or burn up on sunny days due to his second venture flying too close to the sun and loosing them. Not to mention a fear of the deep ocean.

At this point he still cant fly without the Wings of Pegasus or the help of Palutena to lift him up for five minutes a venture. ...Not that he's tried being too afraid too. His wings are a bit larger and stronger then before...but he's not going to try anytime soon.



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The fight is on!

:iconblackdivider1plz::iconblackdivider2plz::iconblackdivider3plz::iconblackdivider4plz::iconblackdivider5plz::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Kid Icarus

[ .:☼| Servant of the Goddess of Light ]
. . . :damphyr: Kid A N g E L


►. .:bulletblack: : || Your days of Darkness are numbered


Prepare to meet the Light! |:


:bulletblue::bulletwhite: . . . .►K i d I C A R U S was a young angel at the time of darkness when the Underworld army attacked. Palutena, the Goddess of Light had banished the half ruler of the Angel Land once with her, Medusa, changing her into a monster to the Underworld. Palutena was trapped inside her own tower - the Palace in the Sky in Skyworld where she sent her remaining powers to the trapped angel, Pit, with a magic bow to find the three stolen sacred treasures and defeat Medusa. He escaped Underworld, went through Overworld and rescued Palutena after defeating Medusa.

All was at peace for the longest time untill Palutena was startled by a dream ► Of Myths and Monsters ◄ and asked a soothsayer it's meaning. After discovering it was a premonition about a demon named Orcos who gathered an army to attack Angel Land she summoned Pit once again to defeat him. With his wings he was able to fearless plumet through, retrieve the three sacred treasures once again from Palutena's guardians and defeat Orcos...before he flew too close to the sun in his recklessness and started to plummet to his death when his wings burnt up.

It is unknown how he survived the plumet. But Pit has yet another ► U P R I S I N G ◄ as the Underworld army strikes again. Medusa is resurrected...just to be proven a false trick by the real threat: Hades. In the midst of his plans to have a great war between Skyworld the human realm begins to get tangled in it for their soul's worth. A plucky Nature goddess Viridi joins the fray with her patience growing thin with the humans.

Now a three way great war has started with Pit being pushed around on all three sides and his certain dark twin ominously pressing from the midst. Pit will be pushed to his limits to save what he can.


OOC Notes

- Im sure most know Pit from SSB, but this one's more or less dedicated to 3DS Kid Icarus: Uprising. Not to worry though, he'll recognize anyone from alt game universes~

- I dont mind if you thank for the watch or if you leave a comment about how you're a fan of Pit, it really makes me giddy ; o ; But do you think you can leave a roleplay start with it as well~? That would really make me real happy u v u

- Im more of a lit. roleplayer but I role with script just as much~!

- Im not picky with who, what, where, why and all that jazz about roleplaying u v u Give me a poke if I dont respond in a week. Im probably busy and I forget where it went ahaah

- Fight scenes, gore and etc are fine. I wont roleplay smut...he's like...thirteen.

- Ask to be in relations, Ill probably dump you there anyway * v *

- You can ask to reserve for love interest after some development between the characters fbdibfgd. But just take note that he's pretty naive so it's more or less light dating then something really serious~

-Some headcanons are dedicated to his alt verse in Brawl, older game verses aaaand the actual Icarus of Greek legends.

- These pics arent mine and I've made them apt to link back to their original sites and artists~ Some however were found without a source ' n ' If you happen to find one or need one taken down please tell me and accept my apologies~

- You dont have to ask, just rp ; 3 ; Most likely I wanted to start one...but Im terrible shy weeeh.

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.:: |:icontransparentplz:R E L A T I O NS:icontransparentplz:| ::.

.: | Lady Palutena | :.

"Even though I almost died, I’ve really enjoyed our time together.”

. | x |.

- L-Lady Palutena? Where are you? Please dont disappear on me again, the world and I need you..! I wont rest until I know you're safe, as Im captain of your guard it's my duty to make sure! I really miss you.. and you know you kinda control my flight and just about everything in my life, so wow yeah come back.

.: | L 0 V E | :.

. | :icondarkness-uprising::iconflightless-uprising: | .
♥ Hit with Cupid's Arrow - Crushin'
U-Uh...Im feeling all sorts of weird;;! It's like getting hit from a Cacaw but I like it...? I hope it's not poisonous or something. I wonder's even okay to feel this way towards you. Heh, I guess it's okay to like myself right...~?

. | F R I E N D S |.

. | :iconthe-crystal-dragon: | .

Never saw anything like her, but you're way beyond me! Im really gonna envy ya when you can fly; She might not be evil, but her tail sure is!

. | :iconblue-asclepias: | .

I'm not sure how you died, but man I really wish I was there to stop it! Some kinda angel I am, huh? But you really look like someone I know! It's almost uncanny really, hahah!

. | :iconyouweremybestfriend: |.

Oh man, you probably thing Im crazy or something;! It's not like I hang out on roofs often, I just...uh, liked the view? Sure, let's roll with that! Oh but you seem so nice, it's kinda hard to not tell you the whole truth!

. | E N E M I E S|.

. |:icondarkness-uprising::iconflightless-uprising:| .
" Pittoo" . Dark Pit

The nerve of this guy, seriously! What in Hades is his deal? I did not smash up the Mirror of Truth to have him trying to kick me around all the time-that wasn't what I signed up for;;! Ah well, it's nice seeing ya again though! You wont believe how nice it is to have someone save me from class calls, phew;;!

. | x | .

Well it better stay empty, or they're in for a world of hurt! Just look at all this angel muscle~!

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His wings.

They just looked so fluffy and soft, two of MANY things she adored, being a kitten an all. So the next time she got to talk to him, she just couldn't help it! She purred lightly as she sorta played with a wing, touching it, looking, sometimes even curling up next to the boy so she could lay on it! She giggled happily, tail waving as she nuzzled into both him and his wing, remarking in childish wonder with how soft the downy limb was.

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